Keep Your Cool! With Cooling Equipment From South Wales Specialists

August 26th, 2009

The UK has experienced a very humid and uncomfortable summer this year, and the next few summers are supposed to be even worse; wet and warm.

If you are looking to keep it cool over the next few years, you may want to look at investing in cooling equipment that specialists companies in the South Wales area supply.

It is important to have the right cooling equipment for you. By choosing the right company they should be able to help you find the perfect air conditioning unit you require.

Some specialists in cooling equipment South Wales, have off the shelf products ready to buy and install as they come. However, if you require something a little different, they can design and install a product that suits you best.

Air conditioning and refrigeration equipment is available to a whole range of companies. One area of the UK that has benefitted from the installation of air conditioning is the NHS.

Hospitals especially, become very humid all year round, but more so in the summer. It is important for patients to feel comfortable when they are in a vulnerable state. Many people in hospital wards are unable to cool themselves down, or move themselves to cooler spots, so it is important that their temperature is maintained.

Air conditioning companies within the South Wales area are providing NHS services with suitable air conditioning units. They are giving a service that is essential to a person’s health and recovery time.

However, if you are a business that is in need of cooling equipment and are based in or around the South Wales area, do not wait another year to get your property ready for summer. Search for specialists that can help you get on your way to a more comfortable environment.

Installation Air Conditioning, Cardiff

December 1st, 2008

The right air conditioning unit can make all of the difference to a household or to a company. Businesses everywhere can see a vast improvement in staff and work ethic by purchasing a quality air conditioning unit.
Air Conditioning Cardiff can be installed using the right people. It is a tricky process and is not advised that it is not attempted by anyone other than a professional.

The reasons for this are:
•    The importance of correctly installing it to maximum efficiency
•    The complexity of installing an air conditioning unit is time consuming
•    Electric installation can be very dangerous even with instructions online

Organised and responsible air conditioning companies will provide their customers with a service for air conditioning unit installation. It is important to check this before deciding which air conditioning company to purchase from as the faster it is installed the quicker a comfortable environment can be created.

Inexpensive Quality Air Conditioning Cardiff

December 1st, 2008

There are many South Wales companies who seem to believe they are specialists in air-conditioning especially air conditioning Cardiff area. However many of these companies offer an expensive product with an expensive service to match, and there are companies that have an excellent price but at an expensive cost, that being the quality of the product.

So how do you get the balance between a quality service and product without the huge price tag attached?
There are a few things to look out for;
•    Do they offer a professional installation
•    Can they supply to many different sources
•    Do they have a Health and Safety Policy
•    Are your specific needs met if not buying off the shelf

Brooks Refrigeration has all of these and more. With thirty years experience they know their customers needs and are a flexible, reliable company with a quality products.

All of these are important to determine the quality of the company and helps you to work out the cost of the requirements you are after. Air conditioning services in Cardiff and Newport are competitive and it is essential research is done to make sure have been given the best possible deal available.

Brooks Refrigeration has all of these and more. With thirty years experience they know their customers needs and are a flexible, reliable company with a quality products.

Welcome to Brooks Refrigeration & Airconditioning Cardiff

October 3rd, 2008

Brooks Refrigeration & Air Conditioning has over 30 years experience in providing Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Services to the commercial sector, our clients have included Hotels, Restaurants, Offices, Pubs and Hospitals.

We design a system and source the correct equipment that will best meet your refrigeration and air conditioning needs.

We offer a quality after sales service and contract maintenance which allows our clients to relax and concentrate on running their business safe in the knowledge that we will look after their equipment. Our senior management is always on hand and will respond within 24 hours to any service or installation difficulty.

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