Air Conditioning Systems
& Installation

air con design meetingWe have experience in the design of air conditioning systems, as well as air conditioning installation covering a wide range of applications, all requiring different solutions.

For example, in complete office blocks we can install state of the art VRF air conditioning systems, including heat recovery, to provide free cooling or heating.

Alternatively we can service a complete building with concealed ducting which we have specially designed and manufactured to meet our specification.

Experience & Knowledge

It's our business to make sure that when the pressure is on and the temperature begins to rise that our air conditioning systems keep you cool and clear.

Firstly, our experienced design team will meet with you to discuss your requirements. Then, with the aid of our computerized design program we will calculate the cooling, and if required, the heating duties to meet your needs.

Purpose Built

vrf air conditioningWe have created purpose designed installations to meet the high filtration requirements of operating theatres through to the low noise requirements of conference and lecture theatres. Similarly, we are also experienced in the design and installation of purpose built, positively pressurized systems for control rooms.

At the other end of the scale we can provide highly efficient, individual split systems.

To ensure a quality and reliable system we only use air conditioning equipment manufactured by market leaders which has proved its value and worth.

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“At Mitsubishi Electric we are always seeking to raise standards and expand our relationships with end users and their specifiers. The Partner Programme means that we are able to help companies with training so that they achieve the highest standards possible when installing and maintaining Mitsubishi Electric equipment.”